The 'Aumākua are a group of extraordinary people who have banded together to help protect Hawaii and its people.

What if Hawaii had super heroes?

It’s the question I have asked myself many times. 

In our Hawaiian culture there are stories, myths, and legends of champions and demigods that roamed the islands long ago.

What if heroes existed in the present day in Hawaii? How would they look like? How would they act?

‘Aumākua Guardians of Hawaii will answer that question.

‘Aumākua is a Hawaiian word. ‘Aumākua are protectors, ancestral spirits, family or personal gods.

In this story it begins by explaining that the ‘Aumākua Guardians of Hawaii were formed when the first natives came to the islands to protect the land and its people.

Now, in the present day, a new team has banded together to carry on the tradition of their predecessors. This is the first multi-cultural incarnation of the ‘Aumākua. The team consists of members of local people that are of different ethnicities and cultures. 

Royal Hawaiian Guardian: Has been the heart of every ‘Aumākua group that was ever been formed. He is a fierce warrior and brilliant tactician.

Geckoman: Is a reformed thief now costumed hero. 

Sistah Shark: A wahine måno demigod..whose bite is worse than her bark.

Portuguese Man O War: Armored genius with a shocking arsenal.

Seoul Hot: Roller-skating foulmouthed fire starter.

Mighty Moke: Self proclaimed Hawaiian Supahman.

Super Size Sole: Polynesian Powerhouse.

Phantom Surfer: Mysterious wave rider and Protector of the Pacific Ocean.

Together they are the front-line to battle any threat to Hawaii and its people.